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Consumer Goods Companies today are dealing with countless challenges as digitalisation has created consumers with fast-changing needs. We help eCommerce Manufacturers be at the cutting-edge and make their eBusiness strategies a reality with our Online Market Intelligence, Consulting, Content Management, Training & Recruiting Services.

Online Market Intelligence

eRetail Audit, our innovative analytics platform, tracks eCommerce market shares per sector and delivers eCommerce Market Intelligence in a holistic approach

What makes eRetail Audit unique:

  • Benchmarking across your industry
  • Real Time aggregation of data
  • Basket Level aggregation
  • Key Account Data offering
  • Actionable commercial marketing & eCommerce dashboard
  • Custom category trees (IQVIA, IRI, Nielsen or yours)
  • Years of eCommerce experience by the team that built it


Our features for Consumer Goods Companies:


How our platform works


Raw data of sales are collected in real time from multiple online retailers


Thousands of product sales data are cleansed & categorized daily using algorithms


Targeted online market insights are finalized for analysis

Want a free demo?

We will customize it for you to see real eCommerce data that matter

eCommerce & Digital Consulting

Either you are doing great in the digital environment, but need to make a big leap ahead, or you don’t know where to start, οur Consulting team has the practical skills, experience and broad perspective to direct your digital strategy into achieving the best results possible

360 Digital

Channel-Based Digital Strategy Digital Shelf Strategy Product-focused Digital Competition Analysis & Market Insights Agency and Partners Selection Digital Activations Testing Monthly Coaching & Guidance

Need a solid email marketing strategy for your product launch? Are you trying to build a social media roadmap? Are you venturing into the world of mobile marketing? We can help you plan and strategize for virtually any digital channel!

Achieving “top shelf” digital placement for your products in third-party eShops is essential to achieve your sales goals. We use market data and insights to show you how you can achieve the best possible exposure for your products.

Are you launching a new product or service and looking for the best way to showcase it to the world? We can form a laser-focused strategy to help you penetrate the digital space in any market for your product launch.

The digital space is becoming more competitive every day. We can help you understand where your brand is positioned in relation to competition and provide strategic insignts on how to get the upper hand in all-things digital.

Are you about to launch a digital campaign, service or app? Our testing team performs extensive and thorough tests to ensure it is as secure, bug-free and user-optimized as it gets!

Venturing into the digital world can be a daunting task. Our consultants are by your side to guide you through the digital landscape and coach you from the simplest to the most complex challenges you are facing.

Specialized Digital

There is virtually no business that cannot improve by transforming its operations and identity as a “digital-first company”. Digital transformation is multifaceted and complex, but our team can help you look into the digital future of your business and plan how you will get there as smoothly as possible.

Gathering all types of data is great! The real prize though is making sense of them and getting actionable insights from them. We translate your gigabytes of data into strategic steps for the growth of your business.

Maximizing your customer’s lifetime value and retaining them can improve your profitability for years to come. Loyalty and great customer relationship management are the two key pillars to achieving that. We can help you strategize for both and achieve happy, returning and loyal paying customers.

In Digital “the customer is always right” translates to “the customer must experience optimal conditions when dealing with us”. But what does this mean in practical terms for your business? How can you optimize your customers’ eCommerce or digital experience? We can answer these questions for you!

Whether you feel you have exhausted the local opportunities and looking to expand or are looking to start fresh in another country, we can help you identify the best new target market and strategize the establishing of your presence and growth in that region – wherever that may be.

Why aren’t your visitors buying as much as you want them to? Why does it take them so long to find what they are looking for? 99% of the times the answer is that the User Experience on your eCommerce store must be enhanced so your Conversion Rates can grow fast. We break down and analyse all the conversion killers and UX pain points, back them up with data and propose immediate fixes.

Some times, “change” is not enough to break through the mold of a flatlining or saturated industry. A situation like this calls for true business innovation – and, luckily, digital is the best way to achieve this. We can “move fast and break things” with you and help you become digital pioneers in your field.

Digital Team

Every team has strong and weak points. Our consultants can help you uncover your team’s digital potential, identify areas of improvement and coach your team to become digital experts themselves.

In the ever-changing digital field, continuous learning is a must. Our consultants can train your team in fundamentals, advanced digital concepts and eCommerce, as well as up-to-date digital trends and cutting-edge innovations.

There is nothing that a digital-savvy upper management cannot achieve with the help of technology! We create tailor-made coaching sessions for senior management in all-things digital and eCommerce, covering both fundamentals and advanced topics.

Sharing is caring – and meaningful relationships are essential to success, even in digital. Join our networking and Think Tank events and connect with digital experts from some of the biggest players in the field.

Want to invest in innovation, business transformation and digital disruption?

How can your brand own the Digital Shelf?

eRetail Content is our Content Management Platform and will help your Company:

Optimize on assortment, content & ratings on retailers’ websites

Strategize according to competition

Improve your brand’s positioning to consumers & digital footprints

Enhance the customer journey

Content compliance & sharing

Are the images and descriptions of your brands compliant?

Portfolio & listing

Are your products available and listed on all major retailers?

Rating & reviews

How do consumers rate your brand?

Searchability on site

What’s your brands’ search share?

Price benchmark

How do retailers change the prices of your brands?

Share of voice

What’s your brands’ share of voice on major social media?

Upload and host images and description of your SKUs in one place

Easily distribute content to the eTailers hassle-fee-no usb sticks, no emails

Inform eTailers about suggested product categories, filter, old SKUs, special bundles

Develop your skills for an ever-evolving environment

We have trained more than 3,000 Professionals in Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Social Media, eCommerce and many more digital & eBusiness topics

Digital & eBusiness trainings, tailor-made to the Corporate Customer’s specific needs. Three-stage customized support with overall satisfaction rate of +90%

  • eCommerce Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Digital Transformation Awareness
  • Digital HR
  • Digital tools in Procurement
  • Digital Crash Course
  • Digital Consumer

If you are looking for:

In collaboration with the Center of Sustainable Enterpreneurship we organise open training programs on Digital Marketing & eCommerce Training

  • Project Future: Digital Marketing Young Practitioners, powered by Piraeus Bank & Regeneration
  • Digital Marketing Practitioners
  • eCommerce Project Manager

Let us help you recruit your next eTalent

We have the expertise to identify, interview, screen and deliver eTalents who meet your digital needs, also partnering up with Recruiting Agencies, if required

Our recruiting services include:

  • On-demand Direct Ηire
  • Sourcing Key Candidates
  • Screening
  • Reference Checking
  • Pre-hire Assessments
  • Role Play

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