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Do you have what it takes to navigate the Digital Age?

We offer a range of strategic and innovative services to leading brick & mortar Retailers as well as to pure players, guiding them into future-proofing their business and helping them adapt to a fast-paced, technology-driven world, through our eRetail Suite Products.


eRetail Audit, our innovative analytics platform provides you with an easy to grasp executive level report the helps you benchmark your eCommerce store with the average online market with KPIs that help you strengthen your eCommerce strategy.

100% free access to an innovative Business Intelligence platform
that will help you delve into a slew of eCommerce metrics in just 2 minutes

What makes eRetail Audit unique:

  • Benchmarking across your industry
  • Real Time aggregation of data
  • Basket Level aggregation
  • Key Account Data offering
  • Actionable commercial marketing & eCommerce dashboard
  • Custom category trees (IQVIA, IRI, Nielsen or yours)
  • Years of eCommerce experience by the team that built it



Weekly updates: Learn your top-selling brands and products, your sales progress at a glance & benchmark your online store against the industry.
Monthly reporting:
  • your sales evolutions vs market’s
  • your average basket value vs market’s
  • sources of traffic for you and your close competitors
  • top10 brands and categories with relative weights

How our platform works


Raw data of sales are collected in real time from multiple online retailers


Thousands of product sales data are cleansed & categorized daily using algorithms


Targeted online market insights are finalized for analysis

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