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For Retailers

Do you have what it takes to navigate the Digital Age?

We offer a range of strategic and innovative services to leading brick & mortar Retailers as well as to pure players, guiding them into future-proofing their business and helping them adapt to a fast-paced, technology-driven world, through our Online Market Intelligence, Consulting, Training and Recruiting Services


eRetail Audit, our innovative analytics platform provides you with an easy to grasp executive level report the helps you benchmark your eCommerce store with the average online market with KPIs that help you strengthen your eCommerce strategy.

100% free access to an innovative Business Intelligence platform
that will help you delve into a slew of eCommerce metrics in just 2 minutes

What makes eRetail Audit unique:

  • Benchmarking across your industry
  • Real Time aggregation of data
  • Basket Level aggregation
  • Key Account Data offering
  • Actionable commercial marketing & eCommerce dashboard
  • Custom category trees (IQVIA, IRI, Nielsen or yours)
  • Years of eCommerce experience by the team that built it



Weekly updates: Learn your top-selling brands and products, your sales progress at a glance & benchmark your online store against the industry.
Monthly reporting:
  • your sales evolutions vs market’s
  • your average basket value vs market’s
  • sources of traffic for you and your close competitors
  • top10 brands and categories with relative weights

How our platform works


Raw data of sales are collected in real time from multiple online retailers


Thousands of product sales data are cleansed & categorized daily using algorithms


Targeted online market insights are finalized for analysis

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We will customize it for you to see real eCommerce data that matter.

eCommerce & Digital Consulting

Our team provides you with end-to-end consulting services, helping you start-up your eBusiness or develop it in a faster and more profitable way, within international markets and across all channels available

eCommerce & Omnichannel Retail Consulting

Success in eCommerce is no small feat and most of the times it can be an overwhelming task. Our consultants will help you create a concise, solid, end-to-end, easy-to-follow, long-term eCommerce and Digital plan to launch and grow your eBusiness.

An eCommerce venture that wants to succeed must, first of all, make business and financial sense. We closely examine your business and industry to create for you a tailor-made 3-year business plan and feasibility study to ensure you have a guidebook to achieve maximum profitability with minimum investment for years.

Your customers are everywhere and, thanks to digital, connect with you in a thousand different ways, in all your channels. From your eShop, to your physical store all the way through mobile apps, we can help you form the best Omnichannel Strategy for success.

eCommerce is becoming more competitive every day. We can help you understand where your business is positioned in relation to competition and provide strategic insignts on how to get the upper hand in all-things eBusiness.

Great partnerships can take your eCommerce game to the next level. We help you choose the best development, performance and creative agencies, as well as essential partners in logistics and operations that fit right to your needs and culture and will join you in achieving your goals.

Experienced eRetailers know that operations costs are the true culprit in killing profitability. We can guide you into finding what hurts your efficiency and margins the most, as well as propose immediate actions to make your operations as lean as possible.

Venturing into the eCommerce world can be a daunting task. Our consultants are by your side to guide you through the eBusiness jungle and coach you from the simplest to the most complex challenges you are facing.

Specialized Digital Consulting

There is virtually no business that cannot improve by transforming its operations and identity as a “digital-first company”. Digital transformation is multifaceted and complex, but our team can help you look into the digital future of your business and plan how you will get there as smoothly as possible

Gathering all types of data is great! The real prize though is making sense of them and getting actionable insights from them. We translate your gigabytes of data into strategic steps for the growth of your business.

Maximizing your customer’s lifetime value and retaining them can improve your profitability for years to come. Loyalty and great customer relationship management are the two key pillars to achieving that. We can help you strategize for both and achieve happy, returning and loyal paying customers.

Whether you feel you have exhausted the local opportunities and looking to expand or are looking to start fresh in another country, we can help you identify the best new target market and strategize the establishing of your presence and growth in that region – wherever that may be.

Why aren’t your visitors buying as much as you want them to? Why does it take them so long to find what they are looking for? 99% of the times the answer is that the User Experience on your eCommerce store must be enhanced so your Conversion Rates can grow fast. We break down and analyse all the conversion killers and UX pain points, back them up with data and propose immediate fixes.

Some times, “change” is not enough to break through the mold of a flatlining or saturated industry. A situation like this calls for true business innovation – and, luckily, digital is the best way to achieve this. We can “move fast and break things” with you and help you become digital pioneers in your field.

Digital Performance Audit  Digital Shelf Strategy Product-focused Digital Competition Analysis & Market Insights Agency and Partners Selection Digital Activations Testing Monthly Coaching & Guidance

Digital Team

Every team has strong and weak points. Our consultants can help you uncover your team’s digital potential, identify areas of improvement and coach your team to become digital experts themselves.

In the ever-changing digital field, continuous learning is a must. Our consultants can train your team in fundamentals, advanced digital concepts and eCommerce, as well as up-to-date digital trends and cutting-edge innovations.

Sharing is caring – and meaningful relationships are essential to success, even in digital. Join our networking and Think Tank events and connect with digital experts from some of the biggest players in the field.

Want to invest in innovation, business transformation and digital disruption?

Develop the skills in an always changing environment

We have trained more than 2000 professionals in areas like Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Social Media and many more

Digital & eBusiness trainings, tailor-made to the Corporate Customer’s specific needs. Three-stage customized support with overall satisfaction rate of +90%

  • eCommerce Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Digital Transformation Awareness
  • Digital HR
  • Digital tools in Procurement
  • Digital Crash Course
  • Digital Consumer

In collaboration with the Center of Sustainable Enterpreneurship we organise open training programs on Digital Marketing & eCommerce Training

  • Project Future: Digital Marketing Young Practitioners, powered by Piraeus Bank & Regeneration
  • Digital Marketing Practitioners
  • eCommerce Project Manager

People are your Company's greatest asset

We have deep knowledge of the eBusiness and eCommerce sector so we can identify, interview, screen and deliver eTalents for your digital needs. We also offer services to other Recruiting Agencies.

What we offer

  • On-demand Direct Ηire
  • Sourcing Key Candidates
  • Screening
  • Reference Checking
  • Pre-hire Assessments
  • Role Play

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