Convert Group launches eRetail Audit in Italy

Following several months of intensive preparations, Convert Group introduces eRetail Audit in Italy, in a close collaboration with Nielsen. The rollout in Italy takes place in the Online Grocery sector which is estimated to be 15 times bigger than the respective Greek one.

Prominent Italian retailers have signed an agreement with Convert Group and Nielsen, whereas consumer goods manufacturers have already expressed their heightened interest in the insights provided by eRetail Audit, with the first contract signed on January already. Redefining innovation, eRetail Audit is an enterprise SaaS platform that aggregates real-time commercial and marketing data out of a large panel of online stores in online grocery, online pharmacy and online beauty sectors across 3 countries. The insights delivered create value for retailers and manufacturers alike, leading them to increased market shares and profitability in eCommerce.

Convert Group along with Nielsen company members

Photo: Nielsen and Convert Group teams celebrating their agreement in Sardinia, Italy during the Linkontro Conference in May 2019. From left to right S. Cini (Nielsen), L. Zeller (Nielsen), E. Chailazopoulou (Convert Group), P. Gezerlis (Convert Group), Luca Gerosa (Nielsen) and Romolo De Camillis (Nielsen)

Elena Chailazopoulou, Director of Product Innovation and Deputy CEO of Convert Group, commented on this launch:

This is a huge moment for all of us and a great feat for Convert Group! Our rollout in the Italian market once again proves that eRetail Audit’s methodology and technology can be successfully implemented in countries outside Greece. Our approach is gradually turning into a market measurement standard in the Commerce ecosystem. The rollout was facilitated by our collaboration with Nielsen Italy, in the context of a well-planned partnership and a shared vision to create true value for retailers and manufacturers in the online grocery sector.


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