eCommerce & Digital for Manufacturers in Times of Uncertainty

The Global Landscape in FMCG and Consumer Healthcare sector has come to a turning point for faster eCommerce adoption. Upskilling Manufacturers with practical eCommerce & Digital capabilities is undoubtedly essential and a unique opportunity for gaining a competitive advantage in the Grocery, Pharmacy & Beauty sectors.

Convert Group, the leading Digital Market Intelligence Firm, along with IQVIA Spain, the Human Data Science Company™, leader in the sector of health information technology and clinical research, are hosting a unique 5-day Online Academy: “eCommerce & Digital for Manufacturers in Times of Uncertainty

In this 5-day Online Academy leading eCommerce & digital experts will cover topics such as:

  • eCommerce & Digital Marketing: From Zero to Hero
  • The Global Landscape of FMCG and Consumer Healthcare eCommerce
  • Unlocking the Power of Meaningful Data and Actionable Insights
  • Promoting Digital Innovation through a proper Internal Structure & Team Capabilities
  • Best practices for Manufacturers during times of uncertainty

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Date: weekdays from Tuesday 21 to Monday 27 April

Time: 11.00-12.30 am CEST (Madrid, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna)

Language: English

The Full Agenda

DAY 1 – Tuesday 21/4
Setting the Stage

Panayotis Gezerlis, Founder & CEO, Convert Group | Elena Chailazopoulou, Director of Product Innovation, Deputy CEO & Partner, Convert Group

  • Welcome & Introduction [10mins]
  • The Global Landscape in FMCG and Consumer Healthcare eCommerce [35 mins]
  • How Manufacturers can succeed in eCommerce: The 4-step approach to get the basics right and go the extra mile
    [45 mins]

DAY 2 – Wednesday 22/4
eCommerce for Manufacturers: From zero to hero

Maria Outzidou, eBusiness Consultant, Convert Group   

  • eCommerce Fundamentals: Strategy, Management & Business Planning for Manufacturers [30 mins]
  • Online Visual Merchandising & Digital Shelf Strategy [30 mins]
  • The Omnichannel Consumers and how to approach them [15 mins]
  • Best Practices from Global Manufacturers in eCommerce [15 mins]

DAY 3 – Thursday 23/4
Digital Marketing for Manufacturers: Concepts, Strategy and Channels to Reach your customers

Stefanos Prokos, Director of Services, Convert Group  

  • Intro to Digital Marketing & Strategy [15 mins]
  • Email marketing [15 mins]
  • Pay-per-Click & Programmatic Advertising [15 mins]
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [15 mins]
  • Content Marketing [15 mins]
  • Social Media [15 mins]

DAY 4 – Friday 24/4
Navigating eCommerce and Offline Retail During Times of Uncertainty

Stefanos Prokos, Director of Services, Convert Group  

  • How is the eCommerce Retail Landscape affected in times of volatility?  [15 mins]
  • Survival tips and Best Practices for FMCG & Consumer Healthcare Online & Offline [75 mins]

DAY 5 Monday 27/4
The Next Level: Putting Data & Digital Training to use for success

George Kaperonis, Founder, Decisively (Former Head of Analytics, Tesco) | Stefanos Prokos, Director of Services, Convert Group  

  • The Importance of Data for Manufacturers: How to use numbers to drive action [30 mins]
  • Internal Structure, Capabilities & Training for eCommerce [60 mins]

Learn the tactics and stay competitive

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