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Greek Online Grocery grew with a majestic +262% in 2020 vs. 2019, based on a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA) and Convert Group. The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a tremendous increase in demand and was the driver for most consumers’ first online grocery shopping experience, with 66% of all participants completing their first order during the pandemic.

The eGrocery Shopper Pulse Report presents the results of a field survey, conducted from April 5 to May 17 of 2021 by the Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA) and Convert Group, and completed directly by the respondent online using a structured questionnaire.

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Key Insights Overview:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst for the majority of eGrocery Shoppers to try online grocery shopping for the first time. This has notably expanded the sector’s customer base, while there is still significant potential for growth. Additionally, the majority of them remain active eGrocery shoppers, reporting they have shopped online within the last month.
  • The typical eGrocery consumer is a woman between the ages of 36 – 55, married, living in a household of 3 or 4, and having a higher-than-average level of education & income. About half of them do their grocery shopping online at least once a month, spending an average of €146 per month, or 35% of their total grocery budget.
  • On average, eGrocery shoppers recognize 5 online grocery shops or services and shop or have shopped from 2 of them. If they have the option, most online customers prefer to shop online from the same retailers as they do in the physical stores, while third-party delivery services/apps have gained significant traction over the last year. The top 3 criteria consumers mostly value when choosing an online grocery store or service are free shipping, an easy-to-use website, and product prices.
  • In food-related categories, the quality of the product has a higher impact on most eGrocery consumers’ buying decisions. In non-food categories, offers or discounts are the deciding factors. 6 out of 10 consumers claim they are shopping rarely or never for fresh products online. Home delivery of groceries, and the avoidance of having to carry home many shopping bags, is the primary selling point of online shopping for most shoppers.

The report for the Online Grocery Shopper consists of the following sections:

Part 1: eGrocery Landscape

  • Greek B2C eGrocery Market Overview [also in free report]
  • Evolution of eGrocery Shoppers Share out of all Grocery Shoppers [also in free report]
  • First time & Latest time of eGrocery Shopping [also in free report]
  • Reasons for Starting to Shop Online [also in free report]
  • Most Frequent Reasons based on the Year of First Order

Part 2: eGrocery Shopper Profile

  • eGrocery Shoppers Demographics [also in free report]
  • Frequency of Physical vs Online Shopping [also in free report]
  • Average Spending in Physical vs Online Stores [also in free report]
  • eGrocery Shopper Personas Analysis

Part 3: Retailers of Choice

  • Online Stores/ Services Consumers Recognize [also in free report]
  • Online Stores/services Consumers have Shopped [also in free report]
  • Top 6 Online Stores/Services eGrocery Personas Prefer to Shop
  • Online Retailer Brand Awareness vs Shopping
  • Most Frequent Reasons based on the year of First Order [also in free report]
  • Physical vs Online Retailers of Choice [also in free report]
  • Criteria when Choosing an Online Store [also in free report]
  • How eGrocery Personas Choose an Online Store [also in free report]

Part 4: Shopping Patterns & Decisions

  • Criteria when Shopping for Products [also in free report]
  • How eGrocery Personas Shop Products across
  • Online Shopping of Fresh Products [also in free report]
  • Home Delivery of Products [also in free report]
  • Browsing & Shopping Habits [also in free report]
  • Average Time to Complete an Order per Online Store/ Service
  • Top 10 Advantages & Disadvantages of eGrocery Shopping [also in free report]

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