Greek eGrocery 2021

The Greek Online Grocery reached a new high in terms of annual turnover, which we estimated at €255M, increased by +56% during 2021 vs 2020, according to aggregated data collected on Convert Group’s eRetail Audit platform and calculations from our Market Analysis team.

Key Insights:

  • In 2021, the Online Grocery Sector in Greece continued to expand its appeal to consumers, illustrating that the accelerated growth of 2020 was indeed a game changer in the evolution of the market, rather than a temporary blip.
  • Online Grocery retailers this year managed to fulfil, on average, 77% more orders this year, compared to the previous one. This increased demand was the main driver of the sales value growth in the sector, with increased prices, due to inflation in the second half of the year, having only a negligible effect on the annual growth.
  • With consumers embracing even more the convenience of online shopping for their weekly groceries, they tend to make more but smaller orders compared to previous periods or often shop online in complement with their weekly visit to a physical store. As a result the average consumer basket in 2021 contained 36,9 items valued at €78,2, 2,5 items and €3,9 less compared to the previous year.
  • Many established grocery retailers made significant investments in eGrocery in fiscal year 2021, like expanding their services to more geographical areas, improving their logistics operations, and enhancing the customer experience with increased product variety, easier checkout processes and shorter delivery times. In addition, the many new entries in the q-Commerce segment of the market set the stage for a more competitive year ahead.

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The contents of the Full report include:

  • Key Insights of 2021 [also in free report]
  • Greek B2C Online Grocery Landscape [also in free report]
  • Online Grocery Turnover Estimation [also in free report]
  • eRetail Audit Panel Turnover [also in free report]
  • Sales Value Components & Growth Drivers [also in free report]
  • Mega Categories Overview [also in free report]
  • Top Categories in Fresh Food
  • Top Categories in Basic Packages Food
  • Top Categories in Cleaning Products & Paper for Household use
  • Top Categories in Bottled Beverages, Soft drinks, Water & Drink Mixes
  • Top Categories in Beauty & Health Products
  • Top Categories in Frozen Food
  • Top Categories in Bakery Products
  • Top Categories in Baby & Kids Products
  • Seasonality of Top Categories
  • Average Discount of Top Categories
  • Private Labels Market Share
  • Online Basket Metrics [also in free report]
  • Top Categories in Basket Penetration [also in free report]
  • Online Baskets Attribution [also in free report]
  • Monthly Evolution Tables

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