Greek ePharmacy 2021

As the world was submerged in pandemic chaos, an increasing number of people turned to online pharmacies to obtain their medications. The Greek Online Pharmacy surged with a 10% turnover evolution rate during 2021 vs. 2020 with sales estimated at around €241M (incl. VAT), according to aggregated data collected on Convert Group’s eRetail Audit platform and calculations from our Market Analysis team.

Key Insights Overview:

  • Greek Online pharmacies with over 200K visits/month grew their sales in 2021 by 34% and on average, outpaced by far the rest of the market.
  • Shoppers made 26% more orders in 2021, compared to the previous year, and this was the main driver of the sales value growth in the sector. On average, they bought 4,6 items in each order, 7% more compared to 2020, while their average basket value remained at €43,2.
  • A key component of successfully growing Online Pharmacies was managing to attract customers with different shopping missions. Beauty & Personal Care products continued contributing almost half of the total revenue, but the categories of Food Supplements & Vitamins and Kids & Babies grew consistently faster throughout the year, compared to the former.
  • This year, Paid Search (Google Ads, etc.) was established by far as the marketing channel with the highest share of transactions in the sector (36%). Especially for Pharmacies with over 200K visits/ month, the success in Paid Search appears to be a key differentiator for their ability to attract and convert customers, compared to the rest of the market.

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The contents of the Full report include:

  • Key Insights of 2021 [also in free report]
  • Greek B2C Online Pharmacies Landscape [also in free report]
  • Online Pharmacies Turnover Estimation [also in free report]
  • Pharmacy Clusters [also in free report]
  • Estimated Turnover per Cluster [also in free report]
  • Y-o-Y Sales Value Evolution per Cluster [also in free report]
  • eRetail Audit Panel Turnover [also in free report]
  • Sales Value Components & Growth Drivers [also in free report]
  • Mega Categories Overview [also in free report]
  • Top Categories in Beauty & Personal Care
  • Top Categories in Food Supplements & Vitamins
  • Top Categories in Kids & Babies Products
  • Top Categories in Health Products
  • Seasonality of Top Categories
  • Average Discount of Top Categories
  • Online Basket Metrics Evolution [also in free report]
  • Top Categories in Basket Penetration [also in free report]
  • Online Baskets Attribution [also in free report]
  • Pharmacy Clusters Overview
  • Distribution of Sales Value & Promotional Activity per Cluster
  • Baskets Attribution per Cluster
  • Monthly Evolution Tables

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