Greek eGrocery 2020

Greek Online Grocery grew with an impressive 262% rate during 2020 vs 2019 with sales value amounted at €163,3M (incl. VAT) from €46,7M (incl. VAT) in 2019, according to aggregated data collected on Convert Group’s eRetail Audit platform and calculations from our Market Analysis team. December 2020 proved to be a record-breaking month reaching a +669% Y-o-Y Growth rate in Sales, multiple times higher growth rate than the beginning of the year and higher than the Covid-19 phase 1 in March-April.

Key Insights Overview:

  • During Covid-19 phase 2 (Q4 2020), many new consumers bought from Online Grocery retailers after visiting directly their site, revealing that consumers trust their preferred retailers having as major criteria the delivery and availability issues. In more detail, 26% of total transactions came from direct marketing channel in Q1 2020 and that percentage increased to 32% in Q4 2020.
  • In Q1 ‘20, the avg Conversion Rate in Online Grocery was 2,4%. Due to high online Traffic, delivery & availability issues, in Q2 ‘20 the Conversion Rate dropped to 2,1% but in Q3 there was a significant increase reaching 2,7% and even more in Q4, to 3,1%, revealing that retailers were well prepared for the second quarantine.
    • Q2: Fresh Food: +486% / Market: +372%
    • Q4: Fresh Food: +658% / Market: +545%
  • Daily Needs (Food) Categories significantly increased their Basket Penetration during Covid-19 phase 1 (Q2 2020) but managed to maintain the high presence in consumers baskets also in Q4. Especially Categories like:
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Sweet Snacks
    • Fresh Packaged Cheeses
    • Cereals
  • During the whole year, Fresh Food was the mega category segment with the highest Y-o-Y Growth Rate. Moreover, Cheese was the subcategory with the most significant growth rates during quarantine (+565% in Q2 ‘20 & +761% in Q4 ’20).
  • You can download a free teaser report by filling the form on this page or contact us to order the complete 30-slides report for €945 (excl. VAT) and see all categories and their growth rate in detail.

    The contents of the Full report include:

    • 2020 Insights Overview [also in free report]
    • Greek B2C Online Supermarkets Landscape [also in free report]
    • Total Market Sales Value Estimation [also in free report]
    • Categories’ Overview & Contribution to Growth [also in free report]
    • Categories Weight & Y-o-Y Growth [also in free report]
    • Average Basket Metrics [also in free report]
    • Deep dive into 8 Mega Categories:
      • Category Analysis for Fresh Food
      • Category Analysis for Basic Packaged Food
      • Category Analysis for Cleaning Products & Household
      • Category Analysis for Bottled Beverages, Soft drinks & Water
      • Category Analysis for Beauty & Health Products
      • Category Analysis for Baby & Kids Products
      • Category Analysis for Frozen Food
      • Category Analysis for Bakery Products
    • Basket Penetration of most popular Categories [also in free report]
    • Seasonality of the Top 30 Categories
    • Average Assortment of eRetailers per Category
    • Device Type Analysis: Mobile or Desktop? [also in free report]
    • Marketing Channels Analysis & Trends [also in free report]
    • Private Label Products Penetration & Growth [also in free report]
    • Private Label Products Penetration & Growth | Categories Analysis

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