Greek ePharma Q1’20 (incl. COVID-19)

Online Pharmacy shopping has spiked massively during the COVID-19 period, with consumers confirming the significant shift in eCommerce and their purchase habits being forever changed. Greek Online Pharmacy sector grew with a 28% rate in the first quarter of 2020, with March reaching an impressive +52% growth rate, according to aggregated data collected on Convert Group’s eRetail Audit platform and calculations from our Market Analysis team.

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Key Insights Overview:

  • Q1/20 Online Pharmacy Sales grew at +28% over a year ago (YA)

  • Food Supplements & Vitamins contributed to this growth
    with 10,5 pp out of 28%

  • 45% more visitors browsed and purchased products from online pharmacies in March 2020 compared to YA
    [see more about the contribution of big retailers in the report]

  • Consumers use their cellphones to shop online, as nearly 50% of transactions were held from mobile device
    [see the trend over time in the report]

  • Hand-Hygiene products drove sales uplift on March with a growth of 8.377% compared to last year
    [see all Covid-19 related categories and how they grew on slide 22]

  • Monday 16/3 was the day with the highest growth rate over YA for Q1 Growth at 192%
    [see more details per day on slide 19]

  • Suncare & Weight Loss products are the two major categories to lose their seasonality initiation with a decline of 35% compared to last year expectation
    [see all categories on slide 20]

  • All categories had an approx. decrease of -2,5pp in discount percentage vs Q1 2019.
    [see discounts per category in slide 12]

Note: This report does not include data from OTCs products, since they’re not allowed to be sold through the Greek Online Pharmacies as the country has yet to adopt the relevant European Directive 2011/62/ΕΕ and European Regulation 699/2014.

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