Greek ePharmacy S1’20

Greek Online Pharmacy grew with a 16,9% rate in the first semester of 2020 vs 2019, with OTCs not included, since Greece has yet to adopt the relevant European Directive 2011/62/ΕΕ and European Regulation 699/2014. Pharmacy online spending amounted to 109,8M incl. VAT in S1 2020, according to aggregated data collected on Convert Group’s eRetail Audit platform and calculations from our Market Analysis team.

Key Insights Overview:

  • Estimation for S1’20 Online Pharmacy Turnover: €109,8M with +16,9% growth over a year ago (YA)
  • Total market Turnover S1’20 vs S1 2019 was influenced significantly by smaller players who had single-digit growth or major decline compared to YA. Bigger players became stronger
  • In April 2020, 62% more transactions were purchased compared to last year. Sales Value growth is even more significant, at +80%, pointing out that large baskets with many items were purchased
  • 2,5% of total Online Pharmacy S1 Sales were made from Medical Masks (approx. 0 sales in 2019) & 2% were made from Hand Hygiene category (hand & antiseptic gel, etc.) which had the biggest sales value increase (+3.162% Y-o-Y) after Medical Masks in S1’20.
  • All Categories had an approximate drop of -3 pp in the average percentage of discount vs S1’19. Especially Hand Hygiene category had the biggest decrease in discounts in S1 (-14,4 pp) vs S1 2019
  • Online orders that came from Organic Search skyrocketed in March & April with 26% of transactions coming from Google Organic in April 2020 (compared to 19% in January 2020)

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The contents of the Full report include:

  • S1’20 Insights Overview [also in free report]
  • Greek Online Pharmacy Landscape, Market Size and Growth [also in free report]
  • Categories Overview & Contribution to Growth [also in free report]
  • Online Sales Value Y-o-Y Growth [also in free report]
  • Online Transactions Y-o-Y Growth [also in free report]
  • 4 Mega Categories Sales Y-o-Y Growth Rate [also in free report]
  • Basket Analysis: Value, Units & Conversion Rate [also in free report]
  • Category Analysis for Beauty & Personal Care
  • Category Analysis for Food Supplements & Vitamins
  • Category Analysis for Kids & Babies Products
  • Category Analysis for Health Products
  • Average %Discount per Category
  • 21 most frequently bought categories monthly Basket Penetration pre, during and post Covid-19 [also in free report]
  • Device Type Analysis: Mobile or Desktop? [also in free report]
  • Transactions, Average Basket Value & Conv. Rate for Google CPC, Price Comparison Engines, Organic, Direct, Social Media, Newsletters [also in free report]
  • Marketing Channels Analysis & Trends [also in free report]

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