Spanish ePharma 2021

The Spanish Online Pharmacy reached an annual turnover of €336M in 2021, surpassing by 4% the annual turnover of 2020. The OTC Category flourished the most in 2021 (+17%) compared to the previous year, according to aggregated data collected by Convert Group and IQVIA Spain on the eRetail Audit platform and calculations from the Market Analysis team.

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Key Insights Overview:

  • The increase of annual turnover in 2021, highlights the growth potential of the sector and the continuing popularity of online shopping to consumers.
  • Personal Care (PEC) product categories had the second highest increase in sales value, growing at a rate of +8% compared to the previous year. Moreover, 13 out of 16 most frequently found products in consumers’ online baskets belonged to these categories, indicating consumers’ interests shifting away from products closely related with the pandemic.
  • This year, consumers bought, on average, more items while spending less. The number of items in an average online basket increased in 2021, reaching 6,5 items, one more from the previous year. On the contrary, the average basket sales value decreased by €2, adding up to €54. The average discount offered to consumers across all categories also decreased by almost 1 percentage point compared to the last year.

The contents of the report include:

  • Key Insights of 2021
  • Online Pharmacy Market Size Estimation
  • eRetail Audit Sample Turnover
  • Mega Categories Overview
  • Online Basket Metrics
  • Top Categories in Basket Penetration
  • Online Baskets Attribution

The Spanish Online Pharmacy Report 2021 was conducted by Convert Group, in collaboration with IQVIA Spain, through the innovative platform, eRetail Audit. eRetail Audit is the world’s leading platform offering sell-out eCommerce Market Shares of FMCG & Consumer Healthcare products along with meaningful commercial, marketing & eCommerce insights.

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