Andreas Petropoulos Joins Convert Group as Chief Revenue Officer

Convert Group has appointed Andreas Petropoulos as its new Chief Revenue Officer. Andreas, with prior experience in Telco, Mobile Commerce and Robotic Process Automation, has led enterprise projects across 50 countries in all continents, and mostly in Latin America.

At Convert Group he will be responsible for creating the team and sales structure for the international expansion of the firm’s SaaS platforms, eRetail Audit and eRetail Content. The company’s targeting is approximately 2.000 leading online pharmacies across 100 countries and the global manufacturers of FMCG and Consumer Healthcare products. Andreas will also take on the role of Chief Operating Officer, leading the HR, finance and legal departments of Convert Group.

Prior to joining Convert Group, Andreas worked as a Director at Microsoft and as the COO of Softomotive, where he had an active role in its acquisition by Microsoft. With another 13 years in key positions at Upstream, 4 of which as its COO, Andreas’s vast experience in innovation and scaling businesses is invaluable to Convert Group.

Andreas Petropoulos commented: “I am joining Convert Group for a better reason than its extremely innovative SaaS products; there’s an exceptional level of talent in this Greek-based company. I am very happy to join an organisation that caught up first with a new trend in the industry and a team with the culture and ethics that I admire”.

Panayotis Gezerlis, founder and CEO of Convert Group, said: “I’ve known Andreas for the last 12 years and I had the pleasure to work with him at Upstream. With my partner Elena, our CTO Yorgos and our board, we are extremely happy to welcome him at Convert Group. I couldn’t think of a better leader to build up our “Sales Factory” that every SaaS firm relies on for its international success.”

Andreas is 43 years old, has a degree in Electrical & Electonic Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mobile and Satellite Communications and holds an MBA from ALBA. He is married with 2 children.


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