Strategic Partnership with IQVIA Spain

Forging a strategic partnership with IQVIA Spain in the Online Pharmacies Sector

Thursday, 30 May, 2019.  Following 8 months of meticulous and in-depth preparation,

Convert Group launches eRetail Audit for the online pharmacies sector in Spain in cooperation with IQVIA Spain

the biggest data research and analysis company in the medical-pharmaceutical sector at a global scale.

The online pharmacies sector in Spain shares a lot of common features with the respective Greek one, due to the fragmenting of physical and online pharmacies and the absence of organized chain stores. More specifically, and according to eRetail Audit data, the οnline pharmacies sector in the Spanish market presented sales of 130 million EUR for 2018 (that is, 10 million EUR less than the respective sector in Greece), but the growth rate in 2018 was 65%, that is threefold higher compared to the Greek online pharmacies.

The eRetail Audit sample already includes 42 Spanish online pharmacies, which already exploit the valuable data offered by the platform to leverage their online strategy. To better analyze and understand the Spanish market, Convert Group has set up a specialized team of Spanish analysts in its Athens HQ.

Elena Chailazopoulou, Head of eMarket Intelligence and Partner of Convert Group, highlighted: “We could not opt for a better strategic partner than IQVIA Spain, in order to penetrate the Spanish market. Along with IQVIA people, we share the same opinions, vision, and technical knowledge. We are really optimistic about the success that we will achieve with our partners.”


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