21% Growth Rate for Greek Online Pharmacies in 2019

An impressive 21% YtD growth rate was recorded for Greek Online Pharmacies in 2019, with OTCs not included, since Greece has yet to adopt the relevant European Directive 2011/62/ΕΕ and European Regulation 699/2014.

The total value of online purchases for 2019 shall add up to 198 million EUR

climbing to 51% for beauty and personal care products, 24% for food supplements and vitamins, 14% for babies and children’s products 9% for health products and 2% for other products.

The above-mentioned data were collected via the innovative eRetail Audit platform, and were initially presented  by Elena Chailazopoulou, Head of eMarket Intelligence and Partner of Convert Group during the 4th Annual Educational Conference for Online Pharmacies,  on 16 November 2019, in Athens.

According to the foregoing data, the average basket value is decreased, dropping from 42.50 EUR in 2017 and 41.50 EUR in 2018 to 40.30 EUR in 2019. However, there seems to be a slight rise in the online basket size, from 3.9 to 4 products per sell-out.

But how does this translate to consumers? Lower prices were recorded in 2019 against those evidenced in 2018. Additionally, discounts were higher, leading to more sell-outs, but generating less profit, nonetheless.

Mobile devices seem to be turning into the means of choice when it comes to ordering, since half of orders are made via mobile phones or tablets, namely 65% more against the previous two years. Finally, there is a slight rise in the average Conversion Rate, presenting a 3.6% compared to 3.2% in 2018 and 3.1% in 2017.


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