Black Friday Frenzy for Online Pharmacies

Black Friday frenzy seems to have greatly affected Greek consumers and their shopping behavior towards Online Pharmacies.

According to eRetail Audit data, Online Pharmacies’ turnover during the Black Friday weekend presented a 210% increase,

compared to the four previous Fridays in November (while the respective percentage for 2018 was 153%), while 180 out of the 287 Online Pharmacies undertook promotion activities.

The data provided by the innovative platform of eRetail Audit by Convert Group, which measures the market shares of said sector in real time, show that this year’s offers made by Online Pharmacies were again extremely attractive, yielding high discounts in cosmetics, supplements and OTCs.

More specifically, compared to previous Fridays in the month of November, the category that seemed to attract more consumers included make up products (+600%), while eye care products presented a high sales rate (+407%). Face care products reached +373%,  anti-ageing products +362% and moisturizing creams +352%. Additionally, the average basket for online orders raised another 8,5% compared to other days of the year to reach 44,20 EUR plus VAT.

It seems like Black Friday has managed in just a few years ever since its appearance into the highly competitive sector of online pharmacies to turn into the most important consumption day of the year.


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